In 2013, EtonHouse signed an agreement with Reggio Children to start REACH (Reggio Emilia in Asia for Children) the Asia chapter of the Reggio Children International Network that is present in many parts of the world, representing the various reference points of Reggio Children. It is a privilege for EtonHouse to be the first organisation in the region to establish this relationship with Reggio Children and be given the opportunity to support, uphold, sustain and disseminate the values, culture and heritage of the Reggio Emilia approach in Asia.

The agreement will be the beginning of more collaboration, research and knowledge sharing between EtonHouse and Reggio Emilia and the International Network. There are plans to organise conferences in Singapore, China and in other countries in the region as well as dialogue sessions and study trips. The multiple possibilities and opportunities that this would bring to EtonHouse and the community of early childhood educators in Asia are indeed exciting.

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This page was last edited on July 27, 2015