Education Philosophy


EtonHouse has developed its philosophy based on research and internationally accredited best practice in education that supports a child focused learning and teaching environment.

At EtonHouse, we aim to develop each child into a well-balanced individual through engaging learningenvironments that support children’s curiosity and wonder; engage children and wide range of materials to work  in purposefully designed learning areas.

Every child acquires strong social skills and the confidence to communicate freely and easily with both adults and peers. EtonHouse has been established to provide a happy, relaxed and safe environment that contributes to the development of the whole person.

Our excellent staff- to-child ratio is a vital factor in the success of our programmes. We offer children a multi-dimensional programme with many diverse and spontaneous learning opportunities, an environment in which children grow in independence and one fully involved in their own learning journey.

Inquire ○ Think ○ Learn Curriculum

The EtonHouse Inquire-Think-Learn Curriculum Framework has been developed to support teachers in responding to a learning context of the 21st century … a time of rapid change where “learning how to learn”, creativity and critical thinking must be the focus of a quality early childhood programme.

As early childhood educators we do not just work with academic content (number, reading and writing). We aim to support the holistic development of the learner, that is their physical, emotional, social, intellectual, creative and language development.

As part of this inquiry based learning approach, young children at EtonHouse are respected as competent thinkers and communicators who are offered many opportunities to engage with a range of materials and resources that extend and challenge their thinking.


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This page was last edited on November 29, 2019