Extended Class


Afternoon enrichment programme

At EtonHouse, we offer an afternoon enrichment programme for the children. This programme aims to captivate the children’s attention and engage their participation as we further extend their learning and development.

Monday Numeracy
Reinforcing concepts learnt in the morning sessions such as numbers, measurement and sequencing through games, activities and exploration.

Tuesday Art
Reinforcing a range of concepts learnt in the am sessions from shapes and phonics to letter writing, fine motor development, creativity and imagination

Wednesday Sport
A varied, balanced and fun multi-sports programme that runs alongside each
pupil's kindergarten education laying the foundation for the lifelong enjoyment of physical activity and healthy living. Every session involves a range of sport specific practices and games.

Thursday STEAM
Research shows there is a positive relationship between early STEAM experiences and future success in school.
S= Science. Children develop understanding about how the world works by observing, forming questions, making predictions, designing and carrying out experiments.
T= Technology includes simple tools such as pulleys, wheels, levers, scissors, and ramps. This supports children’s cognitive development as children play with these tools, they observe and learn from the underlying cause and effect.
E=Engineering applies science, math, and technology to solving problems.Engineering is using materials, designing, crafting, and building – it helps us understand how and why things work.
A=Arts. Active and self-guided discovery is core to the arts. Children engage in art, music, drama, sensory exploration.
M= Math is number and operations, measurement, patterns, geometry, spatial sense. “more” and “less,” shape, size, sequencing, volume, and distance. Math is a tool children use every day!

Friday Cooking
Cooking is a fun way to end the week but also reinforces math and science concepts; as well as aids in the development of fine motor skills needed for pre-writing.

Teachers will finish each extended session with literacy and pre-writing development to help our children develop these important Preschool skills.

This page was last edited on April 18, 2019