Parent Testimonials


We’d like to share some feedback from the parents at EtonHouse Hong Kong. A wonderful reinforcement indeed, of the work put in by the teachers.

Prior to my son's admission to nursery, I was looking around for a preschool with a nurturing environment to foster a love for school and learning. Given the space constraints in Hong Kong, my husband and I were also hoping for a place with a generous area that would allow children to explore freely without feeling inhibited by a lack of space. These qualities are exactly what I have found at EtonHouse.

From the moment we walk in, the children are greeted by the Principal with a smile and a cuddle. He then races to his classroom where he sees his teachers who are amazing - nurturing, patient and loving. From Day 1, the teachers, together with the principal, have gone above and beyond to help each child learn and grow. My little one loves to come home and tell me about what he has learned in school.

My husband and I particularly appreciative of the school's efforts in instilling values of respect, responsibility and self-discipline in the young ones. However, what I truly appreciate most about the school is that it feels like everyone at EtonHouse - from the principal and teachers to the assistants - knows and cares about our child's growth and well-being.

Thank you, for the wonderful work you are doing with the young children. We are proud to have sent our little one to EtonHouse.

 - Jeannette, mother of Elliot, Pre-Nursery

Our daughter, Rachel was in EtonHouse Claymore in Singapore prior to moving to Hong Kong in 2016. It was an easy decision to put her and her brother in EtonHouse Hong Kong to ensure there is continuity of learning experiences and curriculum.

Both children adapted well to EtonHouse Hong Kong thanks to wonderful teachers who tirelessly settled them in school, allowing them to adapt to school at their own pace and provided them with a meaningful learning experience.

Jeremy has now graduated from EtonHouse and is studying at primary level in the Japanese International School in Hong Kong.

Since attending EtonHouse, both children became more independent with their daily routines but my favourite thing about the school is really the amazing people who make up the EtonHouse family! soothing environment.

 - Eunice Voon, mother of Rachel Tan and Jeremy Tan

We are very happy that my daughter loves it there. It is extremely child focused and she has been improving so fast in her learning ability and also becoming very outgoing since going there.

The student teacher ratio is very good and both English and mandarin teachers are in class together. Campus is beautiful as well, very soothing environment.

- Katie Cheng, mother of Kayla Tsun, Pre-Nursery


The EtonHouse teaching methodology of learning through play with a blend of East meets West is unique and modern.

My son’s teachers Sara and Joyce are caring, patient and bring out the best in my son. The School spends time with parents explaining what their child is learning and we both work together to achieve goals.

We are very happy with EtonHouse and our expectations have been exceeded.  We would highly recommend EtonHouse.

- Marcus Corrigan, father of Lucas Corrigan, Kindergarten


Javier has noticeably become more outgoing ever since joining EtonHouse's Nursery program. While he was shy and preferred to play by himself before, he is now confident enough to interact with his classmates and teachers. The 'learning through play' concept has given Javier an opportunity to pick up knowledge without being pressured, which makes him enjoy going to school (he says he wants to go to school on Saturdays and Sundays also!).

While Mandarin learning is normally not a main focus in most of the international schools in Hong Kong, we find the EtonHouse Mandarin program very effective. Javier has picked up his Mandarin interest since joining the Nursery program and his Mandarin skill is constantly improving. Learning Mandarin in a natural way has really helped to build his interest in language learning.

The patience and care shown by the teachers are incredible. They are willing to spend time understanding our goals and Javier's strength and interest in order to design a program to bring the best out of him. Whenever we have questions, they always respond very quickly (even if it is out of office hours).

The EtonHouse staff puts so much effort into the weekly newsletter to provide in depth information regarding the school and the Nursery program. We can clearly see the enjoyment shown by the kids when they are playing and learning in class.

EtonHouse is certainly providing, and exceeding, what we are expecting so far.

- Victor Yu, father of Javier Othello Yu, Nursery

The staff at Eton House impressed me from my first phone enquiry. Intelligent, warm and caring was my first and continues to be my lasting impression. When I sat in on a Nursery class with my son to get a feel for things I ended up staying for almost two hours. It is rare anywhere in the world to find such small nursery class sizes, let alone in lovely sunny large, well equipped classrooms, overlooking blue sky, trees and water, and even more difficult to find in Hong Kong.

The difference at Eton House doesn't stop with the facilities. The teachers are the key difference. Caring, warm, intelligent - interested and involved. With the time and space to be creative and personalise their teaching to your own child. I was astonished on several occasions to drop Ethan off and find a new “something” especially for him in the classroom - a camp ground, a hand-made model of “Ocean Park”. These tools gave a jumping off point for his teachers to teach him all sorts of things in a way that appealed uniquely to him.

As a British mother whose son spent the first two years of his life in Shanghai I was keen to find high quality, engaging and kind mandarin teaching and at Eton House we have found just that.

In summary the staff give your child the same level of intelligent care, attention, teaching, enthusiasm, patience and creativity as you aspire to yourself - if you had the skill, patience and energy!

- Catherine Bentote, mother of Ethan Bentote, Nursery

"We feel very excited and honored that our son was accepted to be a part of this great school. It feels that we have made the right decision as the school shows accountability and transparency. We feel comfortable in speaking with the principal and the teachers, and we are happy that the environment of the school is both stimulating and engaging.  Munish loves to go to school, he loves to play with his friends and never has to be forced or pushed into going. He goes willingly and happily. As a mother, it feels great to see this!

I am so amazed by the fact that Munish has picked up so much of the Mandarin language. He understands a lot of what is being said, even if he can't articulate it himself in Mandarin. The curriculum has allowed him to be more creative. I'm glad that the curriculum isn't set upon "rote" learning and more about thinking for yourself and asking questions.

Aside from the fact that the school is so close to home, I like that it offers so many extracurricular activities for my son to choose from. He is so excited about yoga, football, and the LEGO classes."

- Sangeeta Tuli, parent of Munish


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