Teaching Staff



Vanessa TARCA

Head Teacher & Curriculum Coordinator 

English Teacher

Bachelor of Education in Primary

Vanessa is from the Land Down Under – Australia! She studied at the University of Notre Dame in Fremantle. After six years of study, Vanessa obtained a Bachelor Degree in Primary Education. Completing University, she went straight to full-time work, accepting a position at Good Shepherd Catholic Primary school. Vanessa worked at Good Shepherd Catholic Primary School for four years, teaching the Year 3, 4 and 5 students.

It was time for something new! Vanessa moved to Hong Kong to teach Kindergarten. With her enthusiastic attitude and passion for teaching, she believes learning should be fun for everyone. Vanessa enjoys guiding the children through their own learning experiences, focused around their interests, lives and families. She feels confident in aiding the children to feel secure in themselves, valued in their classroom and curious learners in the world around them.

Vanessa feels honoured to be a part of the EtonHouse community for another school year!



English Teacher

Bachelor of Science
Bachelor of Design
PGDE Early Childhood Education

Morgan has spent the last three years teaching English to a variety of age groups and backgrounds.  She is currently studying the PGDE in Early Childhood Education. These experiences have provided her with a strong understanding of the English requirements in the Hong Kong schooling system. Passionate about teaching she is looking forward to a new teaching and learning journey at EtonHouse.

Studying internationally in both her home state of New York and then in Hong Kong, Morgan has a well-rounded approach towards Early Childhood. She strongly believes in children learning through play and inquiry. Morgan understands the importance of the environment and immediately found her passion for the Reggio Emilia approach. Morgan’s sense of fun and positive attitude assists her in building strong relationships with her children, staff and families. She looks forward to meeting everyone and beginning the new school year.


Pauli LAI

Mandarin Teacher

Master of Teaching Chinese as an International language
Bachelor of Education (Honours) Early Childhood Education
PGCE Early Childhood Education

Working as a kindergarten teacher for more than 6 years, Pauli has experience teaching students from 2 to 6 years old. Through this teaching time period, she knows that children are capable life long learners. They love to explore the world in different sensors, therefore as teachers, she believes we need to respect the individualism of each child and provide the best environment to discover the world and fulfil their curiosity in a safe way.

Completing her Masters degree in Teaching Chinese as an International language Pauli loves to explore different languages from various countries and cultures. She is passionate about passing on her knowledge and culture of Mandarin to young children. As well as speaking Mandarin, Pauli is also fluent in Bahasa Indonesian. She uses this to travel and teach others the importance and value of language. In her leisure time , Pauli enjoys travelling. She takes great interest in visiting museums, historical sites, and tasting different cuisines.


Victoria ZHANG

Mandarin Teacher

Master of Education in Early Childhood Education
Bachelor of Education in Early Childhood Education

Victoria obtained her master's degree in the Education University of Hong Kong, majoring in early childhood education. With the enthusiasm in early childhood education, she is a patient, dynamic and open-minded kindergarten teacher that aims to guide children to explore whatever they are curious about in a meaningful and appropriate way.

Victoria believes that children are the beginning designer of the world, in which they can co-construct their knowledge, form their perceptions and set up their connections to others. She encourages children to learn through play in an authentic and warm environment that all of us create for them. She understands that every classroom has its own unique community and thinks that it is the teacher’s role to assist each child in developing their own potential.



English Teacher

Community Studies (Education)
PGCE Early Childhood Education

As an educator, Emiko aims to create a classroom atmosphere where students can meet their full potential in a safe and encouraging space. She is currently studying her PGCE and is passionate about the development of each individual child. The learning space must be inviting for the individual child to take risks, explore and share their ideas.

Emiko is dedicated to Early Childhood learning, believing that the essential elements are:

- Active and clear communication between the educator and the parents
- Teacher’s role to create spaces for children to engage in hands on learning activities
- The ability for students to choose and let their curiosity direct their learning
- And allowing for students to appropriately and activity use their developing skills


Sarah LAN

Mandarin Teacher

PGDE Early Childhood Education
Master of Education English (Language Education)
Bachelor of Education (English Literature and Education)
Bachelor of Arts (Japanese)

Sarah is from Jiangxi province in China. She attained her Bachelor of Education – English Literature at the Central China Normal University. Gaining her master’s in education from the University of Hong Kong, Sarah is passionate about teaching, learning and languages. She a lifelong learner and is currently completing her PGDE in Early Childhood Education.

Sarah understands the importance of Early Childhood development and wishes to create a safe, happy and exciting environment for her children. She uses elements of music, role play and rhymes to engage in learning and increase memory skills. Sarah is passionate about the Reggio Emilia approach and looks forward to joining this environment at EtonHouse in the new school year.

In her spare time Sara also completed a Bachelor of Arts in Japanese. She loves the food, culture and history of Japan.


Shirley KOO

Mandarin Teacher

Bachelor in English Education
PGDE in Early Childhood Education
Master in Teaching Chinese as a Foreign Language
Master Degree, TEFL

Shirley's hometown is Guang Xi Province, China. She has been working in different kindergartens for over 11 years.

Shirley gained her first degree in Mainland China. She then went to study at the Hong Kong Institute of Education, gaining her PGDE in Early Childhood Education. She also finished her Master Degree of Arts in Teaching Chinese as a Foreign Language in the Hong Kong Polytechnic University.

Shirley has worked as a professional Mandarin teacher both in local and international settings. Shirley believes that each child is unique and has potential, teachers need to encourage and support children to explore the world by inquiring, observing, listening, communicating with others.

Shirley is a passionate person who provides a warm and loving learning environment in which children enjoy learning Mandarin from young age.

In her spare time, Shirley enjoys being with her family. She likes cycling, swimming and playing table tennis.



English Teacher

Bachelor of Arts (English)

Ciara is from the United States where she grew up in New Jersey and then moved to South Carolina. After high school, she stayed in South Carolina and attend Clemson University where she majored in English and minored in Political Science. While at college, Ciara got involved in Clemson’s largest philanthropic organization on campus and quickly learned she has a passion for working with children, aiming to provide them with a bright future.

After college, Ciara wanted to take time to travel and gain real-world experience so she found her way to Hong Kong to teach young students. Her teaching philosophy involves helping children grow not only academically but also developing a desire to learn. Ciara gained a passion for teaching through the realization of just how impactful her own teachers were in her school career. Without their guidance in the classroom, she wouldn’t be the driven, compassionate person she is today. She hopes to create a safe teaching environment that invites students to have fun and creatively express themselves.


English Teacher

Bachelor's of Education Degree


June Chen has worked as an early childhood educator in Shanghai, Hong Kong, and Houston, Texas(USA).  Since returning to Hong Kong in 2009, she has taught in various international schools.  June holds a Bachelor's of Education Degree. 

To empower lives through teaching is a privilege June has enjoyed over the past 20 years.  She views it a life-long lesson to be humble in front of her students, to learn with them whilst guiding them.  She believes positive relationships are crucial to successful teaching and motivating students.  Her experience as an editor has trained her to be attentive to details and accuracy.  Being multilingual and raising multilingual children have widened her outlook and given her many positive intercultural experiences, and in turn, she looks forward to preparing her students at EtonHouse International Preschool for effective global citizenship and the wonderful opportunities that will come their way.

Theresa CHAN

Mandarin Teacher

Diploma in Early Childhood Education

BA Early Years

Theresa was born in Xi’an, China, with her family originating from Shanghai and Guangdong.

As an educator, child-centered learning is her aim for teaching. She believes that each child is a unique individual who needs a secure, caring, and stimulating atmosphere in which to grow and mature emotionally, intellectually, physically, and socially. It is her desire as an educator to help students meet their fullest potential in these areas by providing an environment that is safe, supports risk-taking, and invites a sharing of ideas.

Recently returning from the UK after completing further studies Theresa also believes communication, with children, parents and colleagues, is key to a strong, supportive and safe work environment, where children’s needs are met and rights are protected.

Becky TAO

English Teacher

Diploma in Early Childhood Education

Becky grew up in Perth, Western Australia and also where she has obtained her early childhood qualification and training.  She has been teaching in the kindergarten sector for the past 9 years in both Australia and Hong Kong. This experience gives her a solid understanding of both the overseas and Hong Kong schooling systems.

Becky has a true passion for teaching, she enjoys watching the excitement on students’ faces when they learn, explore or to experiment something new. She believes that the Reggio Emilia approach captures children’s imagination and interest much more than having them passively do table work, she feels her strength is adapting her lessons to meet her students’ needs.

As a pre-nursery teacher for many years, she understands the important steps to help each student to settle and enjoy their school life. She believes the first year of school is the most precious time for children and their families, so she makes it her mission to create a nurturing, caring and student-centered environment to help each one to build and create beautiful memories.


Mandarin Teacher

PGDE in Early Childhood Education

Master of Teaching

BA in English

April is from Harbin, China but has been working in HK kindergartens for many years. April thinks that every child is unique and has a lot of potential. She firmly believes that as teachers, we should always encourage children to be the best they can be. She believes that children enter the classroom with countless questions to be answered and it is the teacher’s job to create a stimulating environment where the students can grow physically and mentally. It is her desire to build this type of atmosphere where children can meet their full potential and explore their curiosity. 

April likes to spend time with her family and her child. She looks forward to growing with the kids together in EtonHouse. 

I appreciate your support and understanding for this change and feel confident that your child will quickly create a positive relationship with Shang Lao shi.

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