Teaching Staff


Vanessa TARCA

English Teacher

B.Ed. Primary

Vanessa is from the Land Down Under – Australia!  In Perth she studied for six years at the University of Notre Dame in Fremantle. After completing a Bachelor Degree in Primary Education she worked at Good Shepherd Catholic Primary School for four years, where she taught Year different levels.
Outside of the school terms, Vanessa involved herself in early learning by volunteering at a established Kindergarten a few times a week. She was a Kindy coach at a recreation centre and would teach various sports, focusing on the development of gross motor skills through play. On the weekends Vanessa was a Youth Leader at the Good Shepherd Parish, organising school, church and community events.

After implementing whole brain learning into the classroom, Vanessa found her true teaching style. Through rhymes, musical chants and kinaesthetic movement, students of all ages were engaged in their learning and enjoying it.  This experience has taught her that each young mind learns differently and this should be supported and valued. Window day, no shoes day, moustache day were a few examples where the children had opportunities to develop a sense of self, build confidence and strengthen relationships in and outside of the classroom.

With her enthusiastic attitude and passion for new experiences, Vanessa is honoured and excited to join the Eton House Pre School community. She is moving to Hong Kong for the 2017 summer and  looking forward to beginning a new journey in the International schooling sector. In her free time Vanessa enjoys spending time with family or friends, travelling and keeping active outdoors.




Mandarin Teacher 

B.A. in Education & English
M.A. in Education (PGDE)

Amy comes from Hubei province, China and has been teaching Mandarin for more than 8 years. After she moved in Hong Kong with her family, she has been working in an array of different Kindergartens as a Mandarin teacher.

Amy has Bachelor’s Degree and Master Degree both in Education. From her this life- altering journey, she attained many professional knowledge and skills about curriculum and instruction. She also has gained a rich teaching experience in international schools before joining EtonHouse.

Amy believes that the art of education is understanding the children’s needs and stimulate their interests. Play and conversation are the central modes of learning. She takes pride in providing flexible and interesting learning activities to children, in order to promote all areas of young children’s development. Thus, she feels happy when her students obtain immense progress in their learning.

Amy is a 4-year old girl’s mommy. She usually spends her time with her daughter in her spare time. She enjoys reading books with her daughter and also likes taking her daughter for outdoor activities, such as going to play in the park, to farms, and museums.


English Teacher

Master TEFL Course
BA(Hons), Dance

Rhian is an energetic and creative teacher from Derbyshire, England. She studied contemporary dance at The University of Chester along with practicing gymnastics, ballet, tap and jazz. She worked for many years in the community with disabled people, enhancing skills, teaching new ones and creating new opportunities for people. She has taught dance to both children and adults, along with founding collaborative disabled dance companies.

She decided to pursue her love of helping others to learn and moved to Hong Kong where she was quickly promoted to manager of an English learning centre whilst continuing her teaching. Here she ensured the quality of the teachers, developed curriculum and supported and accommodated parents requests and needs.

Rhian is a highly creative teacher, and integrates her past experience of dance and movement into her classes to make them fun and active. She feels that this helps many children improve their confidence, social, motor and memory skills. She understands that children learn in different ways, and makes sure that she incorporates this into her classes making them diverse and enriching.

She is a caring teacher and after spending years working as a carer, believes in nurturing children in the ways that they need. She benefits from her experience of working with disabled people as it has allowed her to work with many different methods of communication. She also adapts her teaching approach to each individual that she works with as she did when supporting people to learn new skills. This ensures that all children can be successful in their learning and reach their potential.

Rhian enjoys many styles of dance and this is how she mainly fills her free time. She also likes to lose herself in a book, to explore new places and try to cook!

Shirley KOO

Mandarin Teacher

BA in English Education
PGDE in Early Childhood Education
MA in Teaching Chinese as a Foreign Language
Master Degree, TEFL

Shirley's hometown is Guang Xi Province, China. She has been working in different kindergartens for over 11 years.

Shirley gained her first degree in Mainland China. She then went to study at the Hong Kong Institute of Education, gaining her PGDE in Early Childhood Education. She also finished her Master Degree of Arts in Teaching Chinese as a Foreign Language in the Hong Kong Polytechnic University.

Shirley has worked as a professional Mandarin teacher both in local and international settings. Shirley believes that each child is unique and has potential, teachers need to encourage and support children to explore the world by inquiring, observing, listening, communicating with others.

Shirley is a passionate person who provides a warm and loving learning environment in which children enjoy learning Mandarin from young age.

In her spare time, Shirley enjoys being with her family. She likes cycling, swimming and playing table tennis.


Class Teacher / Coordinator

Bachelor Degree in English & Spanish,
Master Degree, TEFL

Mr. Anthony has made Hong Kong his home for the past 4 years after studying across Europe, moving from country to country every 6 months.

Mr. Anthony grew up in the French Alps between Geneva and Torino before learning no less than 5 European languages. After majoring in English and Spanish and upon finishing his Erasmus year for his bachelor, he decided to broaden his horizon by studying Business in an exchange program leading him to study in 4 different European countries. Thrilled by the international dimension of the program, he decided to relocate to a truly international city, Hong Kong.

Teaching playgroup at Etonhouse for the second consecutive year, he always puts fun first with a very interactive teaching style. His spontaneity and fun-loving personality allow him to naturally bond with young learners and parents. Never afraid of getting his hands dirty, he will always make sure his pupils are engaged in all sorts of sensory activities at school.

Father of one, Mr. Anthony is always acting as a role model for his son and every single one of his pupils. Teaching by example and empowering young learners to become independent and confident individuals is the goal he sets for himself as a teacher. He believes that every child is unique and that children are to be given time and opportunity to explore and enjoy school life in their own way with the help and guidance of the teachers.

Mr. Anthony likes all kind of sports especially team based ones and he enjoys cooking and trying different types of food. Keeping track of world affairs, Anthony likes to read newspapers and essays.


Mandarin Teacher

B.Ed. Early Childhood Education

Joey has worked in international school setting and has taught from infants to 4-year-old kids after finishing her Bachelor Degree. She has finished her study of Master in Counselling at City University of Hong Kong for understanding children from different perspectives.

Joey has worked in international school settings and has taught infants and children up to the age of 4. She is currently undertaking a Masters degree in Counseling at The City University of Hong Kong.

Joey believes that it is especially essential for children to learn to communicate, interact, make friends and cooperate with each other. Children may also realize their potentials and their strengths by learning from peers. Hence, their self-esteem, social skills and confidence would develop.

Joey loves interacting with children from all age groups. She believes that Early Childhood Education has the power to shape the moral development of children, to nurture caring and compassionate children and  that teachers are indeed role models for children.

Joey is a passionate person and enjoys learning with children. In her spare time, she likes doing voluntary work, swimming and singing. Joey is looking forward to meeting her new students and their families.

Pinky AU

English Teacher

PGDE, Early Childhood Education
BA, Psychology (minor in Disability Studies)

Pinky is a passionate and well rounded educator that graduated in the United States from The Ohio State University with a Bachelor’s of Arts in Psychology. Prior to joining EtonHouse, her career began in the United States in the child care centre and since then has fervently gained over 7 years of experience within the early childhood care and education industry. Pinky is a qualified teacher in Hong Kong and has attained and provided wonderful experience at different international institutions both in Hong Kong and the United States where she has been well experienced with working with families from a multitude of cultures and backgrounds.

A child’s natural desire to learn and genuine curiosity has immensely inspired Pinky in her career as an educator. Pinky builds an immersive, creative and stimulating learning environment. She strives to encouragingly guide and motivate children in discover their inner strengths, passions and inspirations. Every child learns differently so Pinky creates a wonderful environment that meets all of the children’s needs and interests. Pinky deeply believes that education is the key to success so she is more than motivated in her life’s work of helping children open the doors to successful and fulfilling lives.

Kitty LAU

Mandarin Teacher / Music Specialist

Bachelor Degree of Musicology
( Overseas Education )

Kitty is a professional Mandarin and music teacher.

She grew up in Hong Kong and graduated with a Bachelor Degree in Music Education from China, with full scholarship. She also participated an exchange program during her university and she spent one semester teaching at a private high school in Malaysia. Her job duties include conducting music lessons, choir rehearsal, instrument demonstration and performance training. Her projects received great coverage by local media with positive feedbacks. 

Kitty has been a full time kindergarten teacher for over 4 years. She is passionate and experienced in developing the linguistic and musical skill sets for young children. She holds a certificate of Putonghua Proficiency Test, awarded by the China’s National Linguistics Committee. She is also an expert in both Chinese and Western musical instruments such as Erhu, Violin, Piano, Pipa, Guitar. She has several advanced performance certifications in Erhu and Piano. Kitty is a native speaker in Putonghua and she has worked at the China Beijing Television Station as a host during 2012.

With solid experience in teaching students from different backgrounds and age groups, Kitty will apply the most suitable teaching approach at EtonHouse.

Mandy YUEN

English Teacher

Early Childhood Education (PGDE)

Mandy was born and raised in Ontario Canada and has worked at many Canadian schools and childcare centers as an Early Childhood Teacher. She has obtained a certificate of Qualified Kindergarten Teacher in Hong Kong and has worked in other International Kindergartens as an English and playgroup Teacher.

She is very passionate about working with children because children are incredibly intelligent. They are observers, fast learners, creative, fascinated with the world around them; unlimited explorers and can teach us so much. Children are born to play and through this they learn from the world around them. Mandy has become a creative teacher who provides balanced learning opportunities for children to explore, learn and develop.

Helen LAU

Mandarin Teacher

B.A. in Music Education
PGDE in Education (Primary)
M.A. in Teaching Chinese as a Foreign Language

Helen is from the North East of China and has taught in Mainland China, Hong Kong and United Kingdom. She has been working as a Mandarin teacher in International schools for many years and has accumulated rich experience in both teaching and class management. After earning a Bachelor of Arts degree in Mainland China, Helen proceeded to gain her Postgraduate Diploma in Education from the University of Hong Kong, and her Master of Arts in Teaching Chinese as a Foreign Language from the Polytechnic University of Hong Kong. She has good communication skills with children, and always knows how to stimulate children’s interest and enthusiasm to learn.

Helen’s teaching philosophy centers on teaching students in accordance with their aptitude. As a dynamic teacher, her class combines various teaching forms including rhyme, game, dancing, singing and storytelling, which significantly enhances students’ passion for learning. She is a creative teacher and introduces Chinese calligraphy into her class, so that students are fascinated by the Chinese characters. She is a caring teacher and enjoys communicating with children through eye contact, conversation and a hug.

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