EtonHouse Support


We believe that training and support for our franchisees are critical in order to maintain a high level of consistency in quality of education across all EtonHouse schools. As a part of the EtonHouse Group, our franchisees receive support from our corporate head office that comprises of a team of highly qualified and experienced professionals who assist in the opening and growth of EtonHouse franchises at every stage - from initial school set up to on-going support.

Pre-Opening Support 

  • Site selection, layout and design
  • Setting up of school environment
  • Comprehensive training in every facet of operating the school
  • Branding and marketing
  • Human Resource support including recruitment and hiring
  • Finance and administration support
  • IT support including EtonHouse Management System, Email, Web and Domain hosting. 

On-going Support 

  • Regular on site visits and consultation sessions
  • Ongoing professional training for both teaching staff and school administrators
  • Research and development on best pedagogical practice
  • Human Resource support including recruitment and hiring
  • Branding and marketing support

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