Founder’s Message


We all want the best for our children; and there is no better gift we can bestow on them than quality education. I believe that education is critical in helping a child meet his full potential and forms the basis of a happy and successful life. In fact, it is this belief that we can shape the future through education that has propelled EtonHouse to provide the very best learning environment in each of our schools.
The first EtonHouse was established almost two decades ago and was an inspiration by my young daughter. With a spirit of passion, perseverance and commitment to provide the finest learning environment for young children, EtonHouse has now grown into a strong presence, impacting the lives of children and making a difference to communities across 11 different countries. Read more about how the story of EtonHouse in this press coverage.
Today, EtonHouse has become a trusted brand name recognised for providing high quality and premium education. Over the years, parents have valued the EtonHouse pedagogy of research based international inquiry programme, diverse facilities, our innovative bilingual programmes and vibrant multicultural community. EtonHouse graduates are happy, confident and competent global citizens with a life-long love for learning.
Watch this video to learn more about EtonHouse.

EtonHouse Corporate Video

We are inviting partners who share the same passion in education to join the EtonHouse family. Let us work together towards a common goal of excellence in educational practice.

Mrs Ng Gim Choo
Founder & Group Managing Director

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