Why EtonHouse


Why EtonHouse?

Established Track Record

EtonHouse has close to 20 years of experience running pre-schools and international schools with more than 100 campuses in 11 countries, namely Singapore, China, Hong Kong SAR, India, Indonesia, Malaysia, Korea, Japan, Cambodia, Vietnam, Myanmar and Middle East. With over 10,000 students from 61 different nationalities, EtonHouse has established itself as a brand that provides premium, high quality education that is based on globally recognised best practice. It has a proven expertise and track record of running successful international pre-school, primary, middle and senior years programmes in various countries that have been acknowledged as international best practice.

EtonHouse has expanded successfully in China and other parts of Asia with the help of its excellent standards of practice and international quality development framework. It has also received several commendations from government bodies and international educational networks and has been at the forefront of international education in the Asia Pacific region.

Learn more about the milestones and awards conferred to EtonHouse here

Research Based Curriculum

The EtonHouse campuses offer pre-school, primary, middle and high school levels. Students in EtonHouse receive an education that is truly international in its curriculum, approach and environment. The curriculum is richly stimulating and designed to develop students academically, physically, intellectually, emotionally and socially. The EtonHouse curricula and pedagogy have been inspired by globally accepted best teaching practice.

In the early years, an Inquire-Think-Learn curriculum, inspired by the Reggio Emilia approach is followed. Learn more about our early years curriculum here. In the Primary, Middle and Senior years, EtonHouse follows the International Baccalaureate (IB) Programme.

EtonHouse students have a distinguished history as outstanding graduates, establishing themselves as innovative, reflective learners and demonstrated leadership skills that have been respected by peers and educators alike in their new school environment.

Professional Development

EtonHouse has a dedicated in-house research and develop arm named the EtonHouse Education Centre (EEC) with pedagogists who focus on quality and bringing in research and best practice from around the world. The EEC is responsible for establishing, maintaining and enhancing quality curriculum across all EtonHouse settings and will support each centre’s curriculum development and strengthen pedagogy across the teaching team. It will work closely with the Heads of Schools and provide guidance (mentorship) and support to ensure consistency of practice across all EtonHouse settings.

Apart from strengthening the programmes on EtonHouse campuses and providing continuous professional development opportunities to EtonHouse educators, EEC also provides ongoing professional development programmes and regularly organises industry forums and workshops that attract educators form the Asian region and around the globe. In March 2010, it brought the first Reggio Children conference to Singapore followed by another one in April 2012.

Human Capital

At EtonHouse, we value human capital as our greatest asset, and place emphasis in training and retaining our dedicated educators, education specialist and management professionals, empowering them to achieve excellence in all areas of their work, hence laying the foundation for EtonHouse to establish new standards of excellence in cities we operate in. Our highly qualified and committed staff come from diverse backgrounds and cultures and work as a team to provide training and support to all our centres across various functions. A professional and highly effective team will work alongside franchisees and partners, providing the tools and support needed to build successful EtonHouse schools across the world.

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